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Ye Dhamma - The Verse of Causation Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 May 2011 00:28

The Pali verse "Ye Dhamma... " is a popular verse in Buddhism that explains the heart of Buddhism Philosophy i.e Dependant Origination. The Sanskrit version of the verse is called "Pratityasamutpada Hridaya Dharani" [The Heart Dharani of Dependant Origination] with Om added to the beginning of the Verse, and Svaha added at the end, thus Dharani-fying the entire verse.  The Pali version never seems to have had any specific title.  


ye dhammā hetuppabhavā
tesaṃ hetuṃ tathāgato āha,
tesañca yo nirodho
evaṃ vādī mahāsamaṇo

ye dhaṃmā hetuppabhavā                     Of things that proceed from a cause

tesaṃ hetuṃ tathāgato āha                   their cause the Tathagatha has told 

tesaṃca yo nirodho                               and also their cessation 

evaṃ vādī mahā samaṇo                       Thus teaches the great ascetic




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