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Wapache for Desktop PHP applications Print E-mail
Thursday, 18 March 2010 23:12

At some point of time, some of us would have had the necessity run the Web Application we have developed in desktop, offline. Also Everyone would definitely like their App to run on desktop too.


To do this, there is a tedious process of installing a local copy of WAMP, and then using localhost to run the App in the web browser. An average user cannot be expected to go through all this hassle to run the App.


Instead of going through all this, there is a package called "Wapache" to create Desktop Applications from the existing code without any modifications, instantly. 



It runs the app in a stripped-down browser like windows without any menus or toolbars.


Without going to the details, lets see how to configure the PHP code to run on desktops ASAP.


1. Download Wapache from

2. Extract the zip file

3. Find the folder htdocs

4. Replace the entire content with your PHP app files.

5. Re-direct the index.html to redirect to your PHP app homepage.

5. Run the Demo.exe file in the parent folder (rename it as required)


Thats it :-)


For the final touch, package the entire folder into a setup file for users to install, using  or any other freeware.


Bingo ! Now you have desktop-ready version of your Web App that is ready to install in a single click. !


Actually, this is the best method to do this, is to migrate the code to PHP-GTK framework, and create an authentic desktop application. But that would take some amount of time, reworking the code (though minimal) to fit it in the desktop framework. If there is time constract, wapache is the best way to desktop-ize your Web apps.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 March 2010 23:54 )


+2 #1 2010-12-20 16:46
Hello there

I downloaded Wapache.

Looks like Wapache has included mysql.But I cannot connect to the database from the command-prompt like i do the following in Wampserver:

C:\>c:\wamp\bin\mys ql\mysql5.1.36\bin\mysql mysql -u root

Admin account set-up:

C:\>c:\wamp\bin\mys ql\mysql5.1.36\bin\mysqladmi n -u root password 12345

Admin log-in:

C:\>c:\wamp\bin\mys ql\mysql5.1.36\bin\mysql -h localhost -u root -p

How can i connect to Wapache database can you tell me please?

Thank you.

+1 #2 2011-03-08 00:40
Haha, I was expecting to see something like Mukti or some sort of vedic technology!! What a fantastic site, thank you
-1 #3 2012-02-01 21:33
i need to mysql enabled wapache or else how can i get integrated with wapache and mysql non installable folder with my desktop app with php. It great help needed.
0 #4 2012-03-30 13:32
exactly what I was looking for! Is there any way to connect to already created database (mysql for PHP application) in Wapache?
0 #5 2012-11-24 07:49
@info: yes, u can connect to an already created mysql database, simply connect as usual.

Pls, i have a question: wapache works perfectly, but there are certain things i could not achieve: firstly, wapache couldn't redirect to a website or any other server e.g., localhost. for example, i'm working on a client and server system where i'll have a major app, and then have a client app that can act like just a browser, install it on other computers, and have them communicate with the main app through a network. secondly, how do i configure wapache so that when i create a link to a website for example, it opens in the app and not in the default browser. Thank you.

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