Brahmi Texts

The Brahmi script is one of the most important writing systems in the world by virtue of its time depth and influence. It represents the earliest post-Indus corpus of texts, and some of the earliest historical inscriptions found in India. Most importantly, it is the ancestor to most of the scripts found in South, Southeast, and East Asia.

The earliest known inscriptions in the Brahmi alphabet are those of King Asoka (c.270-232 BC), third monarch of the Mauryan dynasty. Brahmi was used to write a variety of languages, including Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages.


I have attempted to render a wide variety of texts in Brahmi script. The Brahmi Text in this section is produced using Xenotype Asokan Brahmi & Alphabetum font. The font does not support extensively conjuncts. Most of the Conjuncts have been photoshopped whose shapes were referred from the Epigraphic Software Indoskript.

Since, Some conjuncts occur only in later Brahmi, imposing them on the Asokan Brahmi Prototype may have resulted in some non-standard formations. Also, I have tried to avoid conjuncts as far as possible by using Anusvara. So, even double ‘m’ is also rendered using Anusvara [Infact, Asokan inscriptions spell dhamma as dhaṁma with Anusvara ]