Admission denied: Mistreated in Mexico

Like everyone, I was also planning my Christmas vacation for this year (2016). As it happens, my best mate who also happens to be my flatmate of two years invited me to spend my vacation with him and his family in Mexico. Based on the visa guidelines given by the Mexican embassy in the UK, one can enter Mexico with a valid UK Visa (and other supporting documents such as return tickets etc.). So, I booked my flight tickets and gathered my supporting documents. Everything appeared to be fine, I packed everything and boarded the flights. I was so much looking forward to being in Mexico and living this promising experience of a traditional Christmas and New Year celebration.

I had flights from Edinburgh to London (BA 1455 19th Dec), London to Madrid (BA516 19th Dec) and Madrid to Mexico City (BA4285 19th Dec). I showed my documents before boarding each flight and everything appeared to be fine. I finally landed on Mexico city around 4 AM local time 20th December without knowing the horrible experience that was about to unfold. I went to the immigration and showed my Indian passport and UK visa. The woman in the immigration wasn’t clearly happy. She asked me what job do you do? I said I’m a teaching fellow. She noted that my UK visa says “limited work”. I told her it means I cannot do any other jobs other than my main job. She then went to speak with someone and came back. I was then asked to fill in a questionnaire. I was asked, why I came here, with whom I would be staying, how am I going to support myself and I filled everything. A person from the immigration took the questionnaire. I then received no official verbal or written response from Mexican immigration. I was curious that they didn’t even ask for my supporting documentation.

After a 10 to 15 minutes, a security guard came to collect me and I was made to sit down and was asked me to remove all my belongings. And, I was made to sign in a registry of some sort. Even at this point, I had no idea what was happening. They didn’t tell what happened. I was then put in a detainment room that already had several other detainees. At no point did they say to me personally that my entry into Mexico was rejected. I was just sent into the detainment room with a bunch of other people. At this point, I panicked and was asking the security guard what’s happening. She said in broken English, “you going back”. I started to panic. Even until this point, I did not receive any official communication regarding the decision and the reasoning behind it from the immigration office. Not even an oral “we are refusing your entry” from the immigration officers themselves. Continue reading