Musica Alma Sexo :Ricky’s back with a bang

Remember Ricky Martin ? The Latin Pop hunk of the 2000’s.

His tracks were huge hits back in 2000’s.  The guy was a craze back then. His crossover tunes from Spanish to English with such scintillating Latin rhythms were an instant hit with people. They used to play his tracks as a filler before our school events when I was a kid. Not to mention I learned my Un, Dos, Tres from him 🙂

The Cup of Life – FIFA 98’s anthem, Livin’ la Vida Loca and Maria – He is still remembered for these tracks. But the sparkle started soon fading away. His other albums didn’t make an impact as large as his debut tracks.

They guy who made people ’Livin’ la Vida loca’  is back making us all want ‘Mas Mas Mas a la Vida’ .  He had recently released his Predominantly Spanish album with just two English tracks – Musica Alma Sexo (Music Soul Sex) : MAS a few weeks back.

The Album completely rocks. Though the lead feel-good single Spanish & English  ”Lo Mejor De Mi Vidas Eres Tu” (The Best thing about me is you) sounds kinda 80’s out-of-date and too cheesy, not exactly the she-banging (err.. k..k.. now he-banging 😛 ) we would all expect.  But is kinda enjoyable after few times. Ricky’s is all now for Equality, feeling happy, blah-blah – after he came out as a Gay last year.

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