Refutation of God being the creator of the world

Refutation of the view of God being the creator of the world and of the view of Visnu being the sole creator of the whole world


(Attributed to the Philosopher Nagarjuna)

[It is claimed by some that] there exists a God, who is the creator [of the world]. Let he be critically examined [by us also].


The creator is one who creates. One who performs a [certain] action is called the creator [in relation to that action].


In this regard, we argue [as follows].


He can create something which we know as existent (siddha) or which we know to be non-existent (asiddha).


First, it may be remarked here that He cannot be the creator of something which we know as existent, because the concept of the creator cannot be applicable to such an object. For example, we know that man exists. Creating him further cannot be an act of creation; because his existence is already established [i.e. before this alleged 
creation by God].But it may be argued that God creates something which is [already] known to us as non-existent. [To this we answer as follows]; Let it be that He also Creates those objects: oil [crushed] out of sand, which is known to us as nonexistent; wool on a tortoise, which is known to us as non-existent. [Let God create all these also]. But He does not have the power of creating these objects. Why? Because these are known to us as non-existent,And He [God] is also similar [i.e. God also is non-existent].

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