Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad


It has been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog about Television. So, let’s rewind to 1995 around 18 years back, while I was doing my 4th grade, during the grand old days of Doordarshan. Doordarshan then had two channels DD National & DD Metro. DD National usually had the boring programmes in Hindi while DD Metro broadcasted foreign TV shows and cartoons in English alongside Hindi/Local programming. Seriously, even in those days Doordarshan seems to have had enough senses to broadcast syndicated overseas programmes in India. Somehow, DD got degraded beyond redemption over the time. 


So, yeah back to the point. At that time, they used to air this series called “Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad“. IIRC it used to air on Thursdays around 4:30 PM. It is one of my all time favourites. Computers were kinda rare in India those days (I got a PC in 1999) and were a bit of an enigma. At that time even in School, I remember we were just allowed to see computer from a distance and not operate. Perhaps, they thought Computers were too much for 4th graders! It was the through the series, I had come across the terms “Digital” & “Cyber” for the first time ever.


The short story is this (for the longer vesion there is always Wikipedia !) – There is this high school guy Sam Collins who along with his friends enters the digital world and fights viruses (who appear as monsters in the digital world). Sam takes the form of a cyber avatar named “Servo”, while his three friends operate various armor vehicles in the digital world. Together they form the “Super Human Samurai Syber Squad“. Their arch-nemisis is Malcolm, who assits an evil program called Kilokahn to create viruses and wreak havoc in the world. Each time Malcom and Kilokahn unleash a virus, Sam & his team enter the digital world, destroy the virus and save the world . It was the digital fiction of those days. People traveling into computers, lots of gadgedry, computer talk, fighting etc made the show more attractive.


Ninja Senshi Tobikage a.k.a Ninja Robots

Ninja_KanjiAah. One of my most favourite Animes. Makes me feel very nostalgic when I see it again :-/. I was back in 6th grade when they aired in Cartoon Network. Again, it was aired again when I was in 8th Grade. It is the God of All Mechas !
It brings back old memories. For an Absent Minded Professor, I still remember the entire series, episode by episode ! They used to to air it in Cartoon Network around 4 – 5 PM IST. I think they re-telecasts were aired in the Morning around 10 AM.
NinjaRobots_FrontThe Basic Plot is as follows. In the near future, Mars is Colonized. It is ruled by a dictator. Three Teenagers namely Joe (The Protagonist), Reny & Mike live in Mars. An alien ships comes and lands in Mars. A crashed ship with a Alien princess and her crew lands in Mars when followed by attackers. These 3 some how end up in the Ship. In the encounters that follow, Joe & are able to control . The Robots that can be controlled only bt Ninjas. The aliens are actually from another planet which has been invaded. The attackers were the invaders who had  followed the Spaceship These 3 help the Alien Princess Romina & the complex plot that follows includes lots of action with Giant Robots !!
One important central character is the Mysterious Cybertron, which appears at crucial moments when Joe & others in the verge of defeat. It fuses with the various Ninja Robots and produces several magnificent hybrid Robots which are several times much more powerful. In the earlier part of the series, Cybertron is Autonomous, but later Joe is able to control Cybertron. How the Sun God (Cybertron) and the Moon God (Mantis) fuse together forms the Climax. The series is left unfinished and does not exactly show how the invaders are defeated.

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