NHM Grantha Phonetic

NHM Grantha Phonetic is a XML keyboard for NHM writer, that enables input of Grantha text. Please download e-Grantamil font from Indolipi Package to write and view text in Grantha. Grantha does not yet have a Unicode Black, so Grantha is currently been hack encoded into Bengali Block in Unicode. In the absense of e-Grantamil font, the text will be rendered as Bengali text. Please select the font formatting as “e-Grantamil” and then procced to compose text in Grantha in any application.
There are some issues in display of e-Grantamil under Windows 7

Keyboard Mapping



* aa | A indicates alternate keystrokes for the letters.



Consonant-Vowel Combinations



Special Signs



Stacks & Ligatures

ZWJ                    _  (Underscore)

Virama + ZWJ      ^ (Caret)

ZWNJ                  |   (Pipe) 

( Use ~ as a escape character to get the above three characters again i.e ^~ to get ^ )

These Control Character can be used to manipulate the ligature formation in Grantha, enabling to choose alternate Conjuncts other than the default ones.

| breaks the formation of Conjuncts, while ^ can be used to form stacks instead of combining ligatures.


nga & nja

The strokes nga and nja morph into Nasals as displayed in the Consonant keystrokes. To denote the conjunct of  n & g , n & j  use the strokes na^ga & na^ja respectively

Nasalized Sonorants

They have to be formed via ZWJ.


(The above combination does not display properly [atleast] in Windows 7 with Office 2007. But it is being displayed properly other Windows 7 Applications like Wordpad, Notepad)

Please refer to the Grantha Manual of Indolipi for more detailed usage of these Control chracters to manipulate Grantha display.

Also see : Usage Manual & Installing Keyboards

NHM Tamil Phonetic Extended

NHM Tamil phonetic extended is an extended keyboard layout for typing Tamil in a phonetic Manner.

For more info on the keyboard mapping see here: 

In Addition to the usual letters, Special Tamil Characters & Tamil letter SHA ஶ U+0BB6 has been added. ஶ is the Tamil Equivalent of pan-Indic श ś

(For Windows XP users ஶ might appear like a box)


ஶ can be got my typing ‘Z’.

அவலோகிதேஶ்வரன் – avalOkitEZvaran/avalookiteeZvaran

ஶுபம் – Zubam

ஶோபனா –ZObanA/ZoobanA

ஶ்யாம் – ZyAm/Zyaam

ஶ்லோகம் – ZlOkam/Zlookam

ஶிவஶக்தி – ZivaZakti


Tamil Special Characters

௰ – பத்து – ~10
௱ – நூறு – ~100
௱ – ஆயிரம் – ~100
௵ – வருடம் – வ~
௴ – மாதம் – மீ~
௳ – நாள் (பிள்ளையாழ் சுழி)  – உ~
௰ – Ten – ~10
௱ – Hundred – ~100
௲ – Thousand – ~1000
(Other Numerals can be got my Typing ~ before the digits)
௵ – Tamil Year Signva~
௴ – Tamil Month Signmii~/mI~
௳ – Tamil Day Sign (Pillaiyaar Suzhi)  – u~

௸ – Tamil As Above Sign –  shai~
௺ – Tamil Numeral Signwii~/wI~
௹ – Tamil Rupee Signruu~/rU~
௶ – Tamil Credit Sign – pu~
௷ – Tamil Debit Signe~

Also see : Usage Manual & Installing Keyboards


Using NHM Writer

NHM Writer is the free software that allows you to create your own custom Keyboards and use them. The several itself comes with several built-in keyboard layouts for all the Indic Language. Since the keyboards are all XML files, it is easy to create new keyboards or tweak the existing keyboards 
After Installing NHM Writer, by default, it would start automatically with Windows. It can be modified through settings anyway. NHM appears in the Taskbar as a bell shaped Icon.
The keyboard can be activated by using the shortcut keys or clicking on the Icon and the selecting the keyboard.
After, Keyboard selection, the icon changes color, indicating that the Keyboard is active.
You may have to press alt a few times after selecting the keyboard and also deselecting the keyboard for proper input.
Now, you can start inputting text using the selected keyboard in any application. For deselecting the keyboard, press the same short-cut key.

Installing NHM Keyboard

Let us see how to install a XML keyboard in NHM
1. Right click on the Taskbar Icon 
2. Select Settings. The settings dialog box will be displayed.
3. Click on Import & Select the Keyboard.
4. The Keboard will be added to the list
5. Assign a Keyboard Short to the newly added keyboard
6. The Keyboard will be moved to the beginning of the list
7. Click on OK & The application will restart now
That’s it 🙂
Your new XML keyboard is all set to be used !

NHM Tamil 99 Extended

Tamil 99 is the official keyboard recommended by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu for typing Tamil. This is an extended NHM Keyboard layout for Tamil 99 with support for additional characters.

The Keyoard layout is as follows:


The position at /U/ was originally empty. I have mapped U+0BB6 Tamil Letter SHA to that position.  Tamil Special Characters have been mapped to their Original Positions. Note that, they might not be supported by all fonts.

For typing Vowel-Consonant combination, type the Consonant Characters, followed by the Vowel.

(e.g) வினோத் should be typed as vsixlf

Also see : Usage Manual & Installing Keyboards