Grantha – 13 – Conjuncts II



| ॐ नमोऽद्वयवादिने | ஓம்ʼ நமோ(அ)த்³வயவாதி³நே |



अनभिलाप्यम् अभाष्यम् अनुक्तम् अनवघोष्यम्
अव्यपदेश्यम् प्रज्ञप्तिरहितम् तद् हि अद्वयप्रवेशः
அநபி⁴லாப்யம் அபா⁴ஷ்யம் அநுக்தம் அநவகோ⁴ஷ்யம்
அவ்யபதே³ஸ்²யம் ப்ரஜ்ஞப்திரஹிதம் தத்³ ஹி அத்³வயப்ரவேஸ²​:
To express nothing, to say nothing, to explain nothing, to announce nothing
To indicate nothing and to designate nothing – this is the entrance into Advaya 

In the last lesson, we have seen the basic introduction to Saṃyuktākṣara-s a.k.a Conjuncts. Now, we will get to know more about them in detail.
We’ll cover Combining Samyuktasharas & Stacking Samyuktasharas in this part.

Combining Samyuktasharas

As discussed in the previous part, these are formed by fusing the shapes of the consonants.

Usually, the second consonant prominantly changes shapes to completely fuse with the first consonant to generate the Samyuktakshara. 




In other cases the first consonant changes shape to fuse with the second consonant.
* nja_grantha can also change shape when forming a Samyuktakshara. Alternatively it also retains its shape as shown before.
Please spare some amount time to learn the shapes of these Samyuktaksharas.

Stacking Samyuktaksharas

When Combining Samyuktashara-s are not possible, the consonants are stacked on top of each other to create the Samyuktakshara-s. The Miniature version of the second consonant is placed beneath the first consonant.
A few possible stackings that is possible.
So, whenever a consonant appears below another consonant, it must read as a double-consonant.
tsa_grantha must be read as த்ஸ त्स tsa. In the same way, gla_grantha is ग्ल க்³ல gla, jva_grantha is ஜ்வ ज्व jva, dbha_grantha is த்³ப⁴ द्भ dbha and so on. 
The same samyuktakshara can take both Combining and Stacking forms. Thus, shcha_combining_grantha & shcha_stacking_grantha are both valid Samyuktakshara forms of ஸ்²ச श्च śca. However, if a consonant cluster has a valid Combining form, it is usually preferred than the Stacking form. 

Vowel Signs

The Samyuktaksharas act as single cluster in the placement of Vowel Signs.
That’s all for now. We haven’t discussed the Samyuktakshara forms of ya_grantha & ra_grantha .
We can see their conjunct behavior in detail in the next part. Adieus !


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