Grantha – 14 – Conjuncts III



| ॐ  नमो विनायकाय | ஓம்ʼ நமோ விநாயகாய |



नष्टमार्गा हि ये सत्त्वा मार्गं देशेमि उत्तमं
नयामि पारिमं तीरं तस्माद् अस्मि विनायकः
நஷ்டமார்கா³ ஹி யே ஸத்த்வா மார்க³ம்ʼ தே³ஸே²மி உத்தமம்ʼ
நயாமி பாரிமம்ʼ தீரம்ʼ தஸ்மாத்³ அஸ்மி விநாயக​:
To those beings who have lost their way I point out the Path supreme
And lead them to the farther shore, therefore I am Vinayaka

We had seen in the detail the Combining & Stacking Saṃyuktākṣara-s in the last series. Now, we will seeing the Conjunct forms of -y- and -r- as they deserve separate discussion.

-r- Conjunct

Post-Consonantal Form

Unlike other Consonants, when -r- occurs as the final part of the consonantal cluster i.e in the post consonantal position, it morphs itself  into a special character.

pra ப்ர प्र


gra க்³ர ग्र



In Some cases, -r- conjunct may fuse with the /ta/ and /sha/ to form the Samyuktakshara. 


śra ஸ்²ர श्र


Our own Tamil Sri  /sri_tamil/ is derived from this /shra/. However, sometimes the disjoint form shra_disjoint_grantha is also seen in print.


tra த்ர त्र



For /tra/, the usual disjoint conjunct form tra_disjoint_grantha   is more usual in print. 


Pre-Consonantal Form

-r- has also has a special form, when -r- appears in the first consonant of the cluster.  It takes a position next to the Consonant.


rjha ர்ஜ² र्झ


rgha ர்க⁴ र्घ



-y- Conjunct

Similar to -r- , -y- has also a special form when appearing in the post consonantal position of a cluster.
tya த்ய त्य
ḍhya ட்⁴ய ढ्य
When /ya/ occurs as the first consonant of the cluster, the cluster behavior is normal as usual. (ய் ̐ய य्ँय y̐y is an exception, we’ll come to that later)
yka ய்க य्क

Vowel Signs

Similar to other Samyukaksharas, -r-, -y- also act like a Single unit with all Vowel Signs except  /i/ and /ii/




With /i/ and /ii/, the Vowel Sign is placed on top of the Consonant, rather than the -r-, -y- Conjunct sign.




This covers the basics of Samyuktakshara formation in Grantha.  

People must now be able to read the name of the Lipi itself.


grantha lipi | க்³ரந்த² லிபி | ग्रन्थ लिपि


We’ll see some more complex conjunct formation further in the series.  Another 5 more Lessons and this series should be over 🙂



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