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| ॐ  नमः शास्त्रे | ஓம்ʼ நம: ஸா²ஸ்த்ரே |


अचिन्त्यो भगवान् बुद्धो नित्यकायस् तथागतः
देशेति विविधान् व्यूहान् सत्त्वानां हितकारणात्
அசிந்த்யோ ப⁴க³வாந் பு³த்³தோ⁴ நித்யகாயஸ் ததா²க³த​:
தே³ஸே²தி விவிதா⁴ந் வ்யூஹாந் ஸத்த்வாநாம்ʼ ஹிதகாரணாத்
The Lord Buddha is inconceivable, the Tathagata’s body is permanent
It pervades a multitude of forms, for the welfare of sentient beings

I was about to start posting basic Sanskrit in Grantha from this lesson. However by then, there were lots of enquiries about the Grantha related fonts and Softwares to me. So, I thought I’d devote an entire posting to dicuss about them. Grantha is yet to be encoded in Unicode, until then we are struck with various custom encoded Grantha fonts. 

Grantha Fonts

There are around 5 Grantha fonts currently available. Out of those 3 are Truetype, 1 is Opentype, and 1 is encoded in PUA. A sample text* has been displayed for each font to show the typeface.




This is  the best working open-type Grantha font available. Most of the text in the lessons were composed using this font. e-Grantamil can be download from Elmar’s Indolipi Package. It is an opentype font, where Grantha is hack encoded in the Bengali unicode block. In the absence of the font, the text will rendered as Bengali. I have created a Keyabord Input Method in NHM. The keyboard is phonetic and can be used to compose Grantha in any application. e-Grantamil supports triple-level stacking, and being a open-type is highly flexible in the displaying conjuncts.
For detailed information on the keyboard layout see:
For Download, Installation and Usage of the keyboard refer to my keyboars page :




Code2000 is a popular pan-Unicode font, which supports nearly all of the Unicode script blocks. Grantha is encoded in the Private Usage Area (PUA) of the font. It doesn’t yet have an assocaited input method. But the good old method of Insert Symbol still holds good :). It has support for stacking only upto dual-level.


IIT-M Grantha Font 



This is also one of the early Grantha fonts designed to be used with IIT-M Multli-lingual editor. It is a Truetype font with support upto dual-level stacking conjuncts. They are few Grantha books published using this font. It has a associated keyboard layout for composing Grantha in the IIT-M’s custom Multilingual editor. But a “special” request [whatsoever] must be made to get the keyboard layout.

(As a Side track, I gotta say getting the layout is nearly impossible. They wont ever give it out for common people like us :-/ . I had requested for the layout back in 2005, they replied back saying they give out the files only to those who have “genuine” requirements [whatever that means !] . Why the heck they created a font and keyboard layout, don’t ever ask me !  )

But I could trace the online copy of the font , in one of the IIT-M’s mirror sites.

Download the font from there :

Ganapathy & Kunchitapada 






These  two are the earliest Grantha fonts created, they are supposed to have been created around 1998. Being such early fonts, the font quality is not that good. [Hey ! But for such an early font, the quality is still good ]. It seems there is a Grantha magazine being published using these fonts in Tamil Nadu and some Grantha books are still published in London using these again. They support triple-level stackings. They dont have any associated keyboard input method yet. The two fonts follow the same layout, and are mutually compatible with each other.

Download the fonts from here : Kunchitapada & Ganapathy


Grantha Softwares

Haygreeva Indic Text Editor

Haygreeva – Indic Text Editor is perhaps the only text editor to directly support Grantha. This text editor has inbuild transliteration scheme for Grantha to enable composing text in Grantha. It also supports on the fly conversion between Grantha, Devanagari and Diacritic Roman. The installation setup comes with e-Grantha OT font [This font is outdated. Elmar had discontinued updating this font]. Its a nice editor to directly start composing in Grantha without any issues.
However it works only in Windows XP SP2, and does not work with Windows Vista or Windows 7. I even tried out the Compatability mode, but that didn’t work out. [Even for this screenshot, I had to install it in my Windows XP Virtual PC ]. If only the author would update the software for the latest Windows OS-s it would be great !.

Aksharamukha – Script Converter 


How could ever forget my own Converter, Aksharamukha 😛
It has support for Grantha Script. You can transliterate any Indic script to Grantha. It supports the e-Grantamil font.
I hope I have compiled every other font/software related to grantha. If I missed out anything, just drop me a note. We’ll start the basic Sanskrit lessons in Grantha from the next post.


The Sample text is the invocatory verse of Nagarajuna’s Mulamadhyamaka Karika.
அநிரோத⁴ம் அநுத்பாத³ம் அநுச்சே²த³ம் அஸா²ஸ்²வதம் |
அநேகார்த²ம் அநாநார்த²ம் அநாக³மம் அநிர்க³மம் ||
ய​: ப்ரதீத்யஸமுத்பாத³ம்ʼ ப்ரபஞ்சோபஸ²மம்ʼ ஸி²வம் |
தே³ஸ²யாமாஸ ஸம்ʼபு³த்³த⁴ஸ்தம்ʼ வந்தே³ வத³தாம்ʼ வரம் ||

अनिरोधम् अनुत्पादम् अनुच्छेदम् अशाश्वतम् ।
अनेकार्थम् अनानार्थम् अनागमम् अनिर्गमम् ॥
यः प्रतीत्यसमुत्पादं प्रपञ्चोपशमं शिवम् ।
देशयामास संबुद्धस्तं वन्दे वदतां वरम् ॥

The non-ceasing and the non-arising, the non-annihilation and the non-permanence,
The non-identity and the non-difference, the non-appearance and the non-disappearance,
The dependent arising, the appeasement of obsessions and the auspicious
I salute him, the fully enlightened Buddha, the best of speakers, who preached them


16 thoughts on “Grantha – 17 – Grantha Fonts & Softwares

  1. The entire “Grantha Primer / Virtual Vinodh” is an excellent work. I am 76 years old. At this age I wanted to learn grantha. For the last few months I was searching for six months. Now I got this. I hope I will be able to learn grantha in a short period. I really appreciate the people responsible for the introduction of this site. I offer my Pranams to you all.

  2. இந்த எழுத்தை தறவிறக்கம் செய்வது எப்படி என்று சொல்லுங்கள்

  3. கிரந்த எழுத்து android keyboard software எந்த பகுதியில் உள்ளது என்று கூறுங்கள்.

    1. ஆண்ட்ராய்டில் இன்னும் கிரந்த எழுத்துரு வரவில்லை. ஆண்ட்ராய்டில் அது வரும் நிலையில் தங்களுக்கு தெரிவிக்கிறேன். நன்றி

  4. Dear sir.
    I heard that one font by name krishna and krishnaVedic supports all OS and it has svaramarks as well.
    It is available with one Mr ravikrishnamurthy A Retired AGM/ ENGG/ NUCLEAR/BHEL/ TRICHY.

  5. Dear Sir, I noticed that you now have added support for the newly approved Grantha Unicode block in Aksharamukha. However is there any font available mapped to this Unicode Block?

  6. Dear sir,
    Excellent work done by you. My pranams. I will try to develop software program to convert Grantha to Tamil if possible (if it is not available already)

  7. Sir Grantha has recently had it’s own Unicode Block added officially. Are there any fonts available that are encoded to this new standard?


  8. site seems to be able to make perfect Grantha documents using an upgraded version of e-Grantamil font. It includes a nice Grantha Omkara glyph. But I don’t know where they got this font. The new java version of the Itrans website also can make Grantha with the Sampradaya font which is uses Unicode Granthat code points. I was able to download this (version 0.5) from their sources code but it still has problems with ō and au rendering on Mac OSX. Anyone know about the latest version of either of these?

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