Grantha Primer

Grantha is an important historical script that was once used to write Sanskrit throughout South East Asia and greater Tamil Nadu. It was popular in Tamil Nadu until the early 20th century. After a gradual decline, Devanagari superseded it as the common script for Sanskrit. But Grantha still lingers around as a minority script and can be found in Panchangas, Yantras and Vedic schools around Tamil Nadu. The epigraphic variety of the Grantha script can be found as wall inscriptions in many temples.

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Yajur Veda in Grantha Script

The script is an abugida with complex conjunct formations which makes it difficult to learn. I have attempted to provide an easy-to-read primer for anyone wishing to learn this historical script. The version presented here is the late modern variety of the Grantha script.

The lessons have also been compiled into a PDF eBook. You can download it from here.

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