I am sprinting on a Mobius strip

I am sprinting on a Mobius strip
Placed beside an endless pit

The beginning, I do not recall
But the end, I fear a deep fall

Afar, I see a presence, a visage!
Is this hope, or an elusive mirage?

The shadow of my glorious past
Strolling towards a glittering mast

Many have believed it and fallen
But there are those who have risen

Some say, Faith is the unique key
But shares space with mind, the enemy

Thus begins, a war of two realms
A strong person will always stand firm

The most feared battle is the one within
And surviving it is no small win.

To sum it all,
I await fate’s call

And keep running the Mobius strip
With hope that it would rip

What it shall unfold
I will hold my breath and behold!

One thought on “I am sprinting on a Mobius strip

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