NHM Grantha Phonetic

NHM Grantha Phonetic is a XML keyboard for NHM writer, that enables input of Grantha text. Please download e-Grantamil font from Indolipi Package to write and view text in Grantha. Grantha does not yet have a Unicode Black, so Grantha is currently been hack encoded into Bengali Block in Unicode. In the absense of e-Grantamil font, the text will be rendered as Bengali text. Please select the font formatting as “e-Grantamil” and then procced to compose text in Grantha in any application.
There are some issues in display of e-Grantamil under Windows 7

Keyboard Mapping



* aa | A indicates alternate keystrokes for the letters.



Consonant-Vowel Combinations



Special Signs



Stacks & Ligatures

ZWJ                    _  (Underscore)

Virama + ZWJ      ^ (Caret)

ZWNJ                  |   (Pipe) 

( Use ~ as a escape character to get the above three characters again i.e ^~ to get ^ )

These Control Character can be used to manipulate the ligature formation in Grantha, enabling to choose alternate Conjuncts other than the default ones.

| breaks the formation of Conjuncts, while ^ can be used to form stacks instead of combining ligatures.


nga & nja

The strokes nga and nja morph into Nasals as displayed in the Consonant keystrokes. To denote the conjunct of  n & g , n & j  use the strokes na^ga & na^ja respectively

Nasalized Sonorants

They have to be formed via ZWJ.


(The above combination does not display properly [atleast] in Windows 7 with Office 2007. But it is being displayed properly other Windows 7 Applications like Wordpad, Notepad)

Please refer to the Grantha Manual of Indolipi for more detailed usage of these Control chracters to manipulate Grantha display.

Also see : Usage Manual & Installing Keyboards

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