Ninja Senshi Tobikage a.k.a Ninja Robots

Ninja_KanjiAah. One of my most favourite Animes. Makes me feel very nostalgic when I see it again :-/. I was back in 6th grade when they aired in Cartoon Network. Again, it was aired again when I was in 8th Grade. It is the God of All Mechas !
It brings back old memories. For an Absent Minded Professor, I still remember the entire series, episode by episode ! They used to to air it in Cartoon Network around 4 – 5 PM IST. I think they re-telecasts were aired in the Morning around 10 AM.
NinjaRobots_FrontThe Basic Plot is as follows. In the near future, Mars is Colonized. It is ruled by a dictator. Three Teenagers namely Joe (The Protagonist), Reny & Mike live in Mars. An alien ships comes and lands in Mars. A crashed ship with a Alien princess and her crew lands in Mars when followed by attackers. These 3 some how end up in the Ship. In the encounters that follow, Joe & are able to control . The Robots that can be controlled only bt Ninjas. The aliens are actually from another planet which has been invaded. The attackers were the invaders who had  followed the Spaceship These 3 help the Alien Princess Romina & the complex plot that follows includes lots of action with Giant Robots !!
One important central character is the Mysterious Cybertron, which appears at crucial moments when Joe & others in the verge of defeat. It fuses with the various Ninja Robots and produces several magnificent hybrid Robots which are several times much more powerful. In the earlier part of the series, Cybertron is Autonomous, but later Joe is able to control Cybertron. How the Sun God (Cybertron) and the Moon God (Mantis) fuse together forms the Climax. The series is left unfinished and does not exactly show how the invaders are defeated.

I wish they had continued the plot, and shown exactly how Joe goes on to defeat Zaboom. And Importantly who gets Princess Romina 😛 I don’t know why, but I always wanted Joe to be with Romina :-)) Mike & Jade already reciprocate feelings for each other. Icelander himself was jealous of Joe being close the princess. And since the Mantis & Cybertron have become one, perhaps Icelander & Joe would reconcile, Icelander could fall for Reni.  That would be one wild plot !
May be, I should start writing by own Fan Fiction Sequel of Ninja Robots !!
Anyway, here are the opening songs for Ninja Robot in English & Japanese 




Just like the stars, these warriors

Their names are a mystery.

They came from space to save the race

Of another galaxy.


Only the Earth’s teenage warriors

Can unleash the great ninja power!


Our hero Joe will always go

To where the greatest dangers lay

To fight for Earth, defeat Zaboom

Chase the evil ones away!


Ninja robots, ninja robots

The powers commune to protect the Earth!

Ninja robots, ninja robots

Fighting for rights in the universe!

And for Romina the alien princess.


Ninja robots, ninja robots

The powers commune in ninja machines

Ninja robots, ninja robots

No matter how tough the fighting seems.

Someday they’ll be back on the Earth together!





Machi wa toki wo ayatsuri-nagara

Hito no kokoro wo madowasete yuku

Iki wo hisome Need you!

Juwaki-goshi no koe mo furuete iru


Yami wo nukete tobashita Desu Baree

Yume ni tsumazuku omae no moto e

Kasoku tsukete Love you!

Mashin hibiku biru no tanima


Donna kiken okashite mo ore wa

Omae mamoru tate ni naru sa


Love Survivor Love Survivor

Kibou ni me wo mukete

Love Survivor Love Survivor

Chansu wo tsukamitore

Ai wa mune de hikaru puranetto


Tooi kioku taguriyosereba

Itsuka yumemita aoi jikan e

Omoi komete Miss you!

Soshite hiraku asu no tobira


Ikiru koto wa tatakai ni nite ‘ru

Senaka muketa toki ga make sa


Love Survivor Love Survivor

Kodoku wo furiharae

Love Survivor Love Survivor

Hokori wo torimodose

Ai wa mune de hikaru puranetto


Love Survivor Love Survivor

Kibou ni me wo mukete

Love Survivor Love Survivor

Chansu wo tsukamitore

Ai wa mune de hikaru puranetto


Cybetron in Action !




6 thoughts on “Ninja Senshi Tobikage a.k.a Ninja Robots

  1. ninja robot is my favourite anime.i was disappointed that they didnt continue it and finished the storyline.Romance is not solved.i actually never liked romina with joe.i always loved jenny and joe’s relationship bond from the start.They are my favourite couple.i think jenny is joe’s true love that joe himself didnot realize episode 28 joe was jealous of thinking mike likes jenny and was very angry thinking about them together.he was very anxious to find out what happened between them from jenny and when he finds out nothing happened between them and mike love someone else he was so another episode after fight with ronin when he was staying alone he was very sweet to jenny saying that she suffered a lot for him and he can relax when she is around and was going to kiss her.i think eventhough joe is attracted to romina it is just a crush not love.icelandar always loved princess and will not fall for reni.reni always loved joe and want to be with him even if she know joe like both her and romina.she will not fall for icelandar.i want romina to be with either icelandar or some new prince.joe and jenny should get together.i think mike ,damien and ronin like joe to be with jenny than with princess

  2. For romance i think joe and renni should be together. Joe might just be infatuated with the princess but he is inlove with reni. It shows anyway :)) joe x renni otp 🙂

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