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During the early days of early days of formation, Buddhism didn’t have many deities to deal with. The Predominant deities of those times were Indra and Brahma. In the Tripitaka, all these deties are shown completely subservient to the Buddha. They are potrayed as waiting and attending upon the Buddha, and as receiving many teaching from the Buddha himself.  At one instance, it is even said the Maha-Brahma himself had advised a Brahmin who had reached the heavenly Brahma-realm, to clear his doubts with the Buddha instead of him !
Buddha_WatMahathatAs Buddhism evolved over times, it had to face the new Puranic Brahmanism with the influence of the Vishnu, Shiva and other deities rising over time, compared to the other Vedic deities who were now often reduced to a tutelary status. Puranic Brahmanism was highly syncretic assimilating everything that came in its way. Even Buddha himself was assimilated to the Brahmanical Pantheon as one of the Avatar-s of Vishnu. At the same time, Buddhism had also attempted in assimilation of the Brahmanical Deities into its fold. However, this part is not that much widely known.
Buddhism in its Theravada version was more orthodox, and didn’t officially expand beyond the already assimilated Indra, Brahma and other early deities. [Though Sri Lankan Theravada assimilated Vishnu as a Kshetra Pāla – Protector of the Land, but that was outside the Theravada Canon]. However, Mahayana Buddhism was highly assimilative in nature. The framework of Mahayana easily enabled the direct import of deities into its fold. When Mahayana was faced with Shaivism and Vaishnavism, it also had played its part of trying to assimilate Shiva and Vishnu in Mahayana.

More specifically, we’ll deal only the Assimilation of Shiva as a deity into Buddhism. Shiva was initially considered as an Emanation of Avalokiteshvara. It was also believed that Shiva himself will attain Buddhatva (i.e Buddhahood) in the future as Bhasmeshvara Buddha.  We’ll see some Buddhist Sutras that directly reference to Shiva as a deity. (There are also Buddhist Tantras that deal with Shiva but thats for another day 🙂 )

Lotus Sutra

Lotus Sutra i.e Saddharma Puṇḍarīka Sūtra is one of the earliest Mahayana Sutra that speaks of Shiva as an emanation of Avalokiteshvara. The 24th chapter of the Lotus Sutra, “The Chapter on the Universal Door [of Avalokiteshvara]” (Samanta-Mukha-Parivarta) deals with description of the various emanation of Avalokiteshvara in our Universe, the Sahā Lokadhātu .
In this Chapter, Bodhisattva Akshayamati proceeds to ask the Buddha on how Avalokiteshvara frequents this world, the various methods He teaches the Dharma and also his Skillful means (Upāyakauśalya) adopted by him to teach the Dharma to all sentient beings.
bodhisattva-avalokitesvaraatha khalvakṣayamatirbodhisattvo mahāsattvo bhagavantametadavocat-kathaṁ bhagavan avalokiteśvaro bodhisattvo mahāsattvo’syāṁ sahāyāṁ lokadhātau pravicarati? kathaṁ sattvānāṁ dharmaṁ deśayati? kīdṛśaścāvalokiteśvarasya bodhisattvasya mahāsattvasyopāyakauśalyaviṣayaḥ?
Again the Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Akshayamati said to the Lord: How, O Lord, is it that the Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Avalokitesvara frequents this Saha-world? And how does he preach the Dharma? And which is the range of the skilfulness of the Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Avalokitesvara? 
The Bhagavan replies as follows:
evamukte bhagavānakṣayamatiṁ bodhisattvaṁ mahāsattvametadavocat-santi kulaputra lokadhātavaḥ yeṣvavalokiteśvaro bodhisattvo mahāsattvo buddharūpeṇa sattvānāṁ dharmaṁ deśayati […] keṣāṁcit pratyekabuddharūpeṇa avalokiteśvaro bodhisattvo mahāsattvaḥ sattvānāṁ dharmaṁ deśayati| […] keṣāṁcid brahmarūpeṇāvalokiteśvaro bodhisattvo mahāsattvaḥ sattvānāṁ dharmaṁ deśayati […] maheśvaravaineyānāṁ sattvānāṁ maheśvararūpeṇa dharmaṁ deśayati […]
So asked, the Lord replied to the Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Akshayamati: There are [some] worlds, young man of good family, [where] the Bodhisattva Mahāsattva Avalokitesvara preaches the Dharma to creatures in the form of a Buddha […] To some [beings] he preaches the Dharma in the form of a Pratyekabuddha […] To some [beings] he preaches the Dharma in the shape of a Brahma […] [to those] who are to be converted by Mahesvara, he preaches assuming the form of Mahesvara. […]
The Buddha describes that Avalokiteshvara by his Skillful means takes numerous forms like that of a Pratyekabuddha, Shravaka, Brahma, Yaksha, Gandharva including Shiva to teach the Dharma to the Sentient Beings. It must be noted that Shiva is not specifically discussed here, he is just included as a passing reference among all other emanations of Avalokiteshvara. It can be considered that, at this time the Buddhists had begun to consider Shiva as an emanation of Avalokiteshvara. 

Karandavyuha Sutra

Karandavyuha is one of the major Mahayana sutras that is devoted completely to Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. It attempts at assimilation of the all the Brahmanical deities at one go, by establishing Avalokiteshvara as the progenitor of those deities. 


The Sutra starts with the Nidāna – Evam Mayā Shrutam [Thus, It was heard by me ] – The Buddha residing at Sharavasti, in the Garden of Anathapindaka along with a host of Bodhidhattvas and Bhikshus. The Deities of the heavenly realms are shown to attend the Buddha’s Sermon, headed by Vishnu and Shiva. Shiva himself is potrayed as attending the Buddha’s sermon. In the Fourth Chapter of the Sutra on the Creation of Moon and others [candrādyutpattirnāma caturthaṁ prakaraṇam ], the Buddha explains how Avalokiteshvara assumes the form of Srishtikarta Lokeshvara to emanate all the [Brahmanical] deities from His body 


Specifically, Buddha says that Shiva was born from Avalokiteshvara’s forehead – lalāṭānmaheśvaraḥ.

[More here : Srishtikarta Lokeshvara ]


After emanation of Shiva from his Body, Avalokiteshvara tells Mahesvara that, during the kaliyuga, he will appear in a degenerate realm  and will be called the primordial god (ādideva), the creator and author of the world. The beings in this realm at that time will be deprived of the path to awakening and the talk among those foolish common people will be: “It is said that space is his linga and the earth his pedestal. He is the ground of all and is called linga because all beings dissolve into him”. [1]


The Shaivaite Doctrine is directly rebuked here, those who worship Shiva as the Creator deity are criticized as “foolish common people” (pṛthagjana).


Buddha Bhasmeshvara


shiva_yoga_croppedMoving further to the narrative end of the Sutra, Shiva appears before the Buddha, prostrated before him and asks for Vyakarana [Prediction of Buddha-hood]. He is directed by the Buddha to Avalokiteshvara. Maheshvara praises Avalokiteshvara and requests Vyakarana from him.  On his request Avalokiteshvara bestows the prophecy for Buddhahood.


bhaviṣyasi tvaṁ kulaputra vivṛtāyāṁ lokadhātau bhasmeśvaro nāma tathāgato’rhan samyaksaṁbuddho vidyācaraṇasaṁpannaḥ sugato lokavidanuttaraḥ puruṣadamyasārathiḥ śāstā devānāṁ ca manuṣyāṇāṁ ca buddho bhagavān


Kulaputra ! In the future you will become in the World called Vivrita, a Tathagata named Bhasmeshvara, an Arhat, One who is perfect in knowledge and conduct, a Sugata, Knower of the Word, Unsurpassed-one, Tamer of Men, Teacher of the Gods & Men, Buddha and the Lord.


(Stotras of Shiva/Umadevi on Avalokiteshvara can be read here: Karandavyuha Stotras on Avlaokiteshvara )


The Tantra Text Sarva-Tathagata-Tattva-Sangraha also contains information of Shiva’s conversion as the future Bhasmeshvara Buddha, but with a different narrative. We’ll deal that along with the other Tantra references to Shiva.


Though the Shaivaite doctrine is criticized in the Beginning, ultimately at the end Shiva is accepted into Mahayana Buddhism as a future completely enlightened Buddha. 


As Shiva was considered as a emanation of Avalokiteshvara, many of Shiva’s features were also attributed to Avalokiteshvara, again an attempt to subsume Shiva under Buddhism. Again, that requires a detailed study on its own. In fact, not specifically Shiva but the attributes of the dual deity Hari-Hara or Shankara-Narayana seems to have been overlaid on Avalokiteshvara. There will be some posts on the related topics as dicussed here, so do keep an eye on the Site :-P.

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  1. This is amusing to say the least. Hinduism predates Buddhism by so many 1000s of years and yet Buddhists have been taught not to respect Hinduism….time will show however that the only religion to last forever will be Hinduism. This has been said by no less a Divine personage than Sai Baba.

    1. “Hinduism” didn’t exist per se back then.

      Buddhism and the modern “Hinduism” all arose from the same substratum (along with Jainism), so there are mutual borrowing along the course of two millennia. This just shows the both religious tried, in a way, to accommodate each other, nothing else.


    2. I am a Hindu by birth and believe that Buddhism is an evolved form of Hinduism and hence both share lots of principles and co-exist peace fully. How many other religions in the world can claim this ?

      1. First of all, Buddhism is not an expansion of Hinduism. The teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism are nothing alike, Hinduism teaches that there is an eternal Self, Buddhism does not teach about the Self. The Buddha highly stressed he is not a God, however he never denied the existance of God’s just they are not eternal. Buddha is not an incarnation of a God.

        1. Consider The Buddha was a Hindu who sought freedom from the cyclical lives of Hinduism. His escape was the assertion that with the recognition of “suffering” that the Caste System imposed on a person could free a person of the suffering and end the cycle.

          1. If Buddha was Hindu why lord Buddha didn’t teach there has self and someone created the universe uhhh lord Buddha said no one ever created the universe and there has no self which is special inn all other religions

        2. Buddhism and Hinduism nothing alike? Except for maybe tantra, mantra, yantra, meditation, yoga, puja, use of sound/instruments, use of priesthood/monks, aspiration towards moksha/liberation, secret teachings, sacred writings/sutras, strong moral codes of behavior, respect for elders, use of fire in ceremonies, building temples based on sacred geometry, numerous shared dieties, being birthed in/near India, etc.. Buddhism does translate a human as not having an eternal soul primarily because Buddhism believes that nothing is unchanging and anything changing is ultimately unreal. However Buddhism cannot adequately explain if the soul does not persist exactly what is passing through rebirth? I remember decades ago hardly any writings translated from Buddhist teachers talked about love, it was all and only just about compassion. But today there is much talk about the heart and about love. Don’t assume that what you have learned about Buddhism is what Buddhism is actually about. No single religion has a corner on the truth. The clearest evidence of the archetypes of energy and manifestation of the cosmos are personified in the Hindu ‘gods’ such as Ganesh, Indra, Brahma, Shiva, Kali, etc. And yet while most of the learned Hindus masters realize that these beings are primarily energies, most common Hindu folks do refer to them like they were concrete ‘gods’. Once again, do not assume what you know about Hinduism, and even what most Hindus believe, is the actual definitive truth. Much if not most of the real message of Hinduism and Buddhism is obscured by time and the overall dullness of us in the Kali Yuga. Any spiritual system that understands the human energy fields/centers/chakras, the preciousness of human life, the connectedness of all life, the sense of a living universe, and the awareness of the need not just to be morally right (living dharma) but also the need to try and progress along the way to realization of the ultimate within, that path is honorable. This includes [Vajryana] Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other paths lesser known to the world. Any religion that believes God is a jealous or vengeful old geezer who will send you to hell is just a mask for a control system that cares not for real spiritual progression or evolution of it’s adherents. If the truth cannot be found within it is not worth looking for. That is the kernel of the Vedanta and the Dharma. Buddhist mantra Dharani of Avalokiteshvara and Hindu/Shiva Mahamrityunjaya mantra are among the most powerful in the world.

        3. Then why Buddha was born from his mother’s arm pit and not by normal delivery? Is there wasn’t a some kind of sign from heaven of his birth to a mother? We all know that before the buddha was born, the mother had a dream of elephant coming from heaven and geting into her womb. If the buddha was not godvbefore then where that elephant come in the dream of her mother? Is that prove wasn’t enough that Buddha was a god and he was lord Vishnu and came as avatar of lord Vishnu.

          1. Hi Sunny
            I am an average Theravada Buddhist with lot of respect to all the religions around me so I am responding on my learning.

            1. This is the first time I hear that Buddha (prince Siddhartha) was born from the mothers arm pit. He was NOT. It was natural birth.

            2. As you correctly said, it was DREAM.

            3. Buddha didn’t consider himself a god or a lord and now we say .. oh noo … you are a God … you have to be a God …. doesn’t add up.

            Buddhism talks about heavens and hells. These are different from Christian teaching of the heaven and hell. There numerous of heavens and hells in Buddhism, each different in some form. There are more of other worlds. Heavens are worlds of beings who are at a higher level of Human World. Hells are worlds of being lower than of Human world. Anybody born in any one of the heavens are called a deity.

        4. the diga nikayas;its full of references to atma and brahman being the only refuge .also Lord buddha Said” those who deny the Soul go to Endless Hell”in the diga nikayas.furthermore anatma is not grammaticaly correct in meaning no soul;it means not soul but your theravadan Demon gurus didnt know basic Pali or Prakrit because they were Foreigners.

          furthermore;the Tathagatagarbha Sutras within Mahayana all point to the Self-soul wich is the only Existant thing Existing in and of its own nature and not dependant on other Dharmas.

          the final Lecture of the buddha shakyamuni,was the mahaparanirvana sutra wich in its earliest Sanskrit and chinese Versions both have References to the Self-Soul.contrary to neo-buddhist convolution ;wich claims that this was a chinese Interpolation.

          Madhyamaka dharma is a doctrine of Demons,yogacara is the true Teachings of the historical buddha;but atheists and nihilists hijacked Lord buddha’s teachings;wich he predicted in the Pali canon too.

          you have been refuted forthwith

    3. Hinduism did not exist until the British colonized India. The Brits didn’t realize that the 1,000’s of religions were different, and thought they were all one religion. As India was called Hindustan, at the time, the Brits called the religion Hinduism.

      The Buddha was raised in Brahmanism. He didn’t ridicule Brahmanism; he ridiculed the Brahmanic priests, who charged poor people to provide ceremonies for rites of passage.

      1. Where on the earth did you learn these things? Hinduism’s actual name is Sanatana Dharma, not Hinduism. The Sanatana dharma did exist for thousands of years. Just the british called it hinduism it, it didn’t mean it never existed before.

        1. oit was a vedic Bharamanic Dharma till 18 80 -90.
          later it was convertrd as Hindu dharam. its came from words Indus river.
          previously Muslim called it hindustan.

      2. Ur understanding is poor !
        It is that the Hinduism was not named .. otherwise the Hindu beliefs were practised very well than today…
        We don’t call as religion it’s our way to see life…..
        It’s waste of energy and time talking about religion….
        Start practising shiva means yourself… search yourself

      3. Please be aware that the Hindu belief system possibly predates the Egyptian belief system! Forget the paradigm of the Western philosophy it offers NO insight into the chronology of the Indus Valley religions and history.

      4. Yo bro.. Hinduism has always existed and its one of the inseperaple part of sanatan dharma.. Besides buddha was never born on india it was born on the country that brats could never rule

      5. More Neo-budhist theravadan convolution;Buddhism has hundreds of sects and cults all with opposing doctrines.violence and communal plunder wasn’t uncommon in the medieval Eastasian countries.nichiren even said all his opponment sects deserved to be tibet;the dalai Lama wiped out entire sects and converted their monks to his sect by pain of death.he also massacred many people .

        In Japan;buddhist warfare based on minor sect difference was very common up until the Meiji Period.

        Shaivites and vaisnavites havent had such violence like in buddhist countries.

        BTW;I Believe Buddha was Realized being and that original buddhism is basically same as shaivism but neo-buddhist Atheists are nothing but a bunch of lying Demons.only shentong get my respect .

    4. This is where I would like to notify you of something. I, as a buddhist can assure you that not only I ,but also other buddhists such as me have been taught, ever since childhood, to have equal respect within ourselves for each and every religion of this world, hinduism being no exception. We respect hinduism as we do other religions. Secondly , with all due respect , Sai Baba is one of the many great people who have walked the earth…and I can assure you that many are yet to come…some of them being buddhist arhants….Furthermore, each religion has its own concept and its own story…..So, I would really appreciate it if you did a good bit of research regarding the religion and also the people who belong to the respective religion you are commenting on before expressing your thoughts publicly. You might just end up hurting someone’s sentiments and religious thoughts. A teeny bit of advice that I would like to share before I end is-we buddhists are peaceloving folks and thus I certainly do not wish to quarrel with you regarding some matters but try not to comment about something you dont know much about. Thank You.

      1. dear tina biswas firstly i am also buddhist but according to me and what is the reality is that buddhism is not a religion it is a part of sanatan dharma like other parts shaivism, vaishnavism, shaktism, jainism, sikhism and secondly if we divide ourselves into jaions buddhists and sikhs and hindus then what will be be the result do u think so islam, christianity are good but ourone i.e. sanatan is best and truth see our golden history of nalanda vikramshila takshshila see our glorious vedas

        1. and ya plz dun say buddha oppose vedas the blessed one always said vedas are reality but those who preached vedas i.e. the selfish priests of that time were not telling reality of vedas

      2. and ya plz dun say buddha oppose vedas the blessed one always said vedas are reality but those who preached vedas i.e. the selfish priests of that time were not telling reality of vedas

        1. No, The Buddha actually highly opposed the Vedic Scriptures by calling them false and baseless. The false Vedic scriptures teach there is an eternal spirit soul but Buddhism does not teach this. The Buddha even called Bramhin priests “Drooling fools”. Never once in his scripture did he say the Vedas was a “Reality” Because it is not a reality according to the Buddha, but the Vedas is false and baseless.

          1. Dear Derek,
            As we can see, that, right here we all are distorting the history of different religious or spiritual practices by putting up viewpoints based on our experiences and knowledge. That is how it happens now a days.
            Gautam Buddha never preached about so called Buddhism of today’s world. He just emphasised on what he has experienced in his life, and preached that much only, i.e. the way to nibbana.
            Not a religion or sect which can be named after him.😊He did not support the Vedas, Puranas, or shastras, because they were not actually helping people to become free from defilements. They all were limited to certain points. Beyond that point it was questions without answers.
            Buddha never ridiculed Gods or any other form of spiritual practices that existed that time.
            As a Buddha he just did what best he could do to help mankind.
            Buddha speaking of Lord shiva, Lord brahma, or rest of the gods from all the realms, is not a negative connotation. Why people feel offended shall be questioned.
            Be happy.

      3. always remember a true buddhist is always hindu and a true hindu is always buddhist as both are one and same thing study the life of harsha and kanishka the great who were sanatan buddhist of their time

      4. read dasratha jataka and all other tales of buddha previous tales in which he told his previous birth as bhagwan ram our glorious ashoka harsha kanishka gopala dharmapala govindchandra and all other kings for us these greatest personalities are our ideals the same line tells about prithviraj , rana pratap shivaji and other not

    5. See Mr who ever you are , Hinduism is spoilt to core , why the hell are hundis in temple , why do temples take money from ppl and drain them off . it’s now a days for earning money , I accept is Hinduism is extremely good but u can’t folks in current lifestyle its spoilt anyway

    6. Buddhists have been taught to respect all religions. The Buddha taught that there are 84,000 Dharma Doors. The 84,000 Dhamma doors are a metaphor to basically state that there are innumerable paths to enlightenment. In the Mahayana, it is referred to as doors and in the Pali Canon, it is referred to as the 84,000 teachings (Khuddaka Nikaya, Theragatha 1024). This is a representative teaching to the Buddha’s tolerance for other religions. Anyone following any religion who is basically a good, moral person is assured to reach that religion’s goal, which is typically heaven. In the Buddhist cosmology, there are several heavenly realms all of which are attainable by members of any religion.
      Teaching the Dhamma should be done only to those who are interested and want to learn and not in a forceful or argumentative way.

      1. after all your discussion i read……
        let me say something….
        i am human and you are also……..coz we all are created in image of god….we all r equal
        then after you disrespect others and but i didnt…..
        i respect animal life thats why i dont eat them … vegeterian…..but you might not……
        after all religion disrespectful discussion of yours i still say god is one.
        i still respect you for your opinion.
        i born as hindu and i inspired by budha ahinsa philosophy and great gurus and avatar, prophets of all religions…….they have something common in them…….only you need eyes to see that.
        In all of us god exist in our heart……..god need our love……
        My religion is being human……
        my action derived from humanity but your might not

        what you call religion- it taught about humanity only.
        you need eyes to see that………

        I believe in karma…………
        my life is simple but your life might be complex.

        your current action derive your destiny thats how this universe work.
        ………..humanity live long…… god……..not quarrel with each other….bye

      2. yes and one Famous tibetan Tantra says that Manjusri and Manjughosa revealed the Shaiva Tantras for the benefit of sentient beings in the
        degenerate eons.Also the Fact is that Vajrayana buddhist Mahasiddhas were likely shaivites and vice-versa;the two didnt see a difference between each other.

        Also Trikaya Dharma body is anagulous to the Trimurti .Real Buddhism is theistic in a emanationist/Qualified Monistic sence .Atheism is a doctrine of demons thought by later infiltrators from theravada sect.

      3. Lord buddha said that according to him if we analys klesha then it is of 84000 types and different people have different klesha and some people may have all of those so lord buddha teaches 84000 types of teaching according to the people having their type of klesha .those all teachings are called 84000 dharma skandha. And during islamic invasion in india and demolition of all buddhist universities like nalanda, sompuri odantapuri etc many of them were lost just 25% of those teachings are preserved in tibet.

    7. wishful thinking!!!the percentage of Hinduism has been drastically reduced by conversion to Islam -at will or at gun point. but rejection of human beings by so called stakeholders of Hinduism are at root cause of it. Buddha never taught to hate anybody.

    8. You are totally wrong …. we respect Hinduism a lot and Shiv Ji is also one of our god. Don’t judge all the Buddhist by what you heard from other. The peaceful view from each religion to other religion is must needed for the survival of human race. No religion will take you directly to heaven. What matter the most is kindness and compassion towards every sentient beings. This is what is being taught to us in Buddhism.

    9. I find this not true whatsoever. I am a devout Buddhist and I have multiple Hindu friends we get along fine and call ourselves sister religions. Saying all Buddhists do not care about Hinduism is very ignorant of you. His Holiness the Dalai Lama even encourages religious tolerance and acceptance. And also Hinduism as it is known today is not exactly the same as the Hinduism you are referring to 5000 years ago. That could more accurately be described as Vedism or Brahmanism

  2. It doesnt matter which doctrine came first…what matters is that they are truly linked and in my belief both religions are skewed to favour their own. That being said all the Gods are one and the same so with that being said a truly accurate weave must accomodate all and not what suites purpose. Every belief structure that is based around human interpretation will always have error. The only truly correct way is through direct connection to source and expression of heart….not mind….persae. what is truly concerning is when one belief puts one over another when they are all one and the same just different shades….balance in all things.

  3. The Prediction of Buddhism

    [From the 29th chapter of the Pratisarga Parva]

    Long ago in the country known as Citrartha, the inhabitants of the heavenly planets used to come to play during the time of autumn. One day a heavenly apsara know as Manjughosha came to that place where the sage Shuka was residing. Seeing this beautiful boy, she tried to attract him while singing and dancing, being overwhelmed by lusty desires. She praised him with a beautiful prayer holding her hands and bowing down. Somehow, she pleased the muni. Then the glorious Shuka, hearing this auspicious prayer asked her to request a benediction.

    Manjughosha humbly said: ”O lord, you are the protector of those who came to your shelter, therefore I’m at your shelter, please become my husband”. The sage accepted her and after some time they produced a son named ‘Muni’ who performed austerity very strictly upto 12 years. He married the daughter of Svarnadeva, the god of gold. They gave birth to a daughter named Kinnari. She was very young and beautiful. She performed austerity to please Lord Shiva, and as a benediction lord Shiva instructed her to a sober sage Makaranda.

    Then her father, Muni, asked lord Shiva to bless her, so that they will successfully make progress in this world.

    Lord Shiva said: Upto 30 years you will enjoy your country in the middle of the earth, then it will be destroyed. After hearing this Muni went to his place with Makaranda and resided there. As soon as the 29th year started the battle took place among those kings who took birth as the incarnations of the associates of Krishna.

    Bauddha, the lord of nyuhas (the lessened people) attacked the beautiful city of Netrapala, thinking that this city is wonderfully decorated with various kinds of jewels. The powerful king Bauddha-simha who had seven-million soldiers, fought with those kings who had only three million soldiers. The fight went on terribly between the armies for seven days and nights. The great powerful kings, who killed all the inimical armies protected by Baudha-simha, were Yoga-simha, Bhoga-simha and Vijaya.

    After that more Buddhists came from the countries known as Shyama and Japaka, and all of them were magicians. Again they had a large battle which lasted for one month. Then Netrasimha arrived with seven million soldiers protected by eight generals, for the destruction of the Buddhists. Being afraid, all the Buddhists left India completely and went to China to continue the war from there. The opposite army also continued following them. When they arrived on the bank of the Huha river, it was the month of Magh, the second half part of the month of January, the fight took place again. There were one million soldiers each from the countries of Syama and Japaka, and ten million soldiers from China assembled for a fight. On the other side, Krishnamsa, Deva, Netrapala, Mandalika, Dhanyapada, Lallasimha, Talana and Jana nayaka were the generals, each of them having one million soldiers.

    There was a terrible battle between the Buddhists and the Aryans. In that war seven million Buddhists, and two million Aryans were killed. Being afraid the Buddhists ran away from the battle and went to their home to produce a wooden army with the help of a machinery arrangement. They made ten-thousand elephants (made out of wood) along with warriors, one million horses, one thousand buffaloes, one thousand hogs, one thousand tigers, one thousand swans, and seven thousand camels. All these creatures had wooden warriors on their back. Thus with the wooden army which was 125,000 in number, they killed two million soldiers protected by Krishnamsas. Seeing this wonder Jayanta, the expert fighter shot fire arrows toward the wooden armies, so that they were immediately destroyed, being burnt to ashes. Only three million kshatriyas (warriors) were left, and they glorified the proficient warrior Jayanta again and again.

    Then the Buddhists from China, made a twenty thousand strong iron horse calvary and sent them to fight. The powerful warrior Yogasimha, riding on an elephant held the bow and arrows in his hands and shot to the neck of the iron warriors. Being afflicted by the arrows of Yogasimha five thousand soldiers were killed. Seeing this, Bauddhasimha made an iron tiger and sent it to Yogasimha. By the attack of that iron tiger the brave Yogasimha was finally killed, and then Bhogasimha riding on a horse, went to fight with the tiger. He killed the tiger by throwing a missile, and roared loudly. Then a lion was sent to him by Bauddhasimha and thus he (Bhogasimha) was killed by a lion. When the son of Swarna-vati (Jayanta) saw that his maternal uncles were already dead, he rode on a powerful horse and went to Bauddhasimha. He took illusory arrows and put the opposite army into delusion along with Bauddhasimha. He captured ten-thousand kings including Bauddhasimha, and returned to Krishnamsas having destroyed the mechanical armies.

    Then all of them happily went to the city and forcibly “looted” the wealth from the palace, which was very opulent, and came back the fort of the king. Jayanta came and released Bauddhasimha. After being released he offered his daughter Padmaja to Jayanta and also offered 100,000,000 golden coins for the pleasure of his in law. After that all the Buddhists made their vows there itself saying “We will never go to Arya-desa to invade the country.” Then they offered their homage and left. They went to Netrapala with their three million remaining soldiers.

    WE SEE THAT ANCIENT VEDIC RELIGION A PARENT OF MODERN ORGANISED HINDUISM WAS PRESENT THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE BUDDHISM. Even though followers say that Buddhism existed before Gautum Buddha, the founder…its just a misconcept. Buddhism turned into an organised religion with basic principles and thoughts after the teachings the Buddha. Buddha himself was born in a Hindu family. Buddha is come times seen as not an avatar but “amsha” of Vishnu like Veda Vyasa. Shiv is the formless consciousness. Dont compare him with some lower deity.

    1. No, The Buddha actually highly opposed the Vedic Scriptures by calling them false and baseless. The false Vedic scriptures teach there is an eternal spirit soul but Buddhism does not teach this. The Buddha even called Bramhin priests “Drooling fools”. Never once in his scripture did he say the Vedas was a “Reality” Because it is not a reality according to the Buddha, but the Vedas is false and baseless. The Buddha is NOT an incarnation of “Krishna” Because for one, Krishna taught the Self and taught violence was acceptable as long as it is done for religious purposes. The Buddha however, taught No Self as in there is no eternal soul inhabiting the body, but the Self is an illusion of the ego. Second of all, There is no scripture where the Buddha claimed he was an incarnation of Krishna. Krishna enjoyed many pleasures such as dancing, stealing, sex, and murder, as well as being a wealthy king. Krishna contradicts his own teachings. The Buddha never ONCE claimed in ANY of his sutras that he was an incarnation of Vishnu or Krishna. He called God a Lord stained with sin. In the Visuddhi Magga, XIX, translated by Nyanamoli Thera, we have this verse:

      “No god, no Brahma can be called
      The Maker of this Wheel of Life:
      Just empty phenomena roll on
      Dependent on conditions all.”

      And not only that, the “Buddhist” attitude to Brahma or God or “the Creator” is fairly if somewhat seemingly acridly summed up in these translated verses:

      “He who has eyes can see the sickening sight;
      Why does not Brahma set his creatures right?
      If his wide power no limit can restrain,
      Why is his hand so rarely spread to bless?
      Why are all his creatures condemned to pain?
      Why does he not to all give happiness?
      Why do fraud, lies, and ignorance prevail?
      Why triumphs falsehood — truth and justice fail?
      I count your Brahma one the unjust among
      Who made a world in which to shelter wrong.”
      — Bhuridatta Jataka, No. 453

      Consider this: the greater the power of a so-called God then the less will be the ability of the human being to do skill or do the unskillful (as found in pre-destinarian doctrines). Thus the provocation for the following:

      “If there exists some lord all-powerful to fulfill
      In every creature bliss or woe, and action good or ill,
      That Lord is stained with sin. The human being does but work his will.”
      — Mahabodhi Jataka, No. 528

      1. study more.All shiva,shakthi,buddha,jain and vishnu reach state of enlightment.A state which is pure consciousness alone.Buddha said its state of emptiness,shiva said its state beyond consciousness,vishnu said its state of god consciousness..etc..all people reached same state but made different theories..

  4. Hinduism (Vaishnavism, Shavism and Shaktism) survived the test of time – centuries long violent persecution by Islam. But in contrast, Buddhism vanished within 200 years in all those lands conquered by sword of Islam. Buddhism as a faith does not inspire its followers to sacrifice and suffer for a higher ideal.

    1. Wrong. Buddhism survived in Mongolia, and it was Buddhist kings that bore the full brunt of Islamic attacks, as Buddhism had weakened in India, due to the treachery and hatred preached by Adi Shankra, and they could not get reinforcements as Ashoka’s empire had weakened. During Buddhist reign of Ashoka’s dynasty after he converted, Ashoka’s empire was feared across the known world. Buddhist soldiers guarded the frontiers. In Sri Lanka, Buddhist soldiers crushed the LTTE without any mercy. Buddhist Japanese soldiers fought world war 2. You know a zilt about Buddhism. Hinduism is nothing, but a cut copy paste from Jainism. Every Hindu today is a rice bag convert from Jainism and Buddhism to Brahminism for 10 sacks of rice and 1 varna from the Brahmins. Destroying Buddhism, you destroyed the one true faith that could have transformed India. Don’t use Islam as a scapegoat, Buddhist mongols slaughtered Muslims in large numbers also.

      1. tum jaiso ke kaaran humare dharm ke itne tukde ho gaye kya kabhi buddhist jain sikh ya hindu ek dusre ko vidharmi ya yavan malecch ya barbar kehte he nahi na kyunki sabhi ek hi he hum sab ek he to fir kyu tum log ek dusre se ladne me tym waste kar rahe ho jao jake original teachings dekho sri bhagwan ki

      2. Lololol ,Buddhism itself is an offshoot of Hinduism and Buddhists were con artists (not Buddha) ,read proper history and Jainism didn’t exist before Vedic religion ,it’s claimed by some ignorant fools who even claim Jainism to be present in the Indus Valley ,its influence was close to nil ,even the mathematical development in Jainism was fully taken from Hinduism and Buddhism flourished at the hard work of Hindus or Vedic believers ,Chandragupta Maurya to Chanakya were all Brahmanists all their lives and converted to Jainism only after retiring after giving all their contributions as a virtuous hindus ,the India was United by the efforta of Hindus only for the first time and do read Kautilya Arthashastra ,after Kalinga war India couldn’t stay united because of you Buddhists ,don’t say Buddhists did anything good ,more than 20000 Ajvikas/ jains were killed after Ashoka embraced Buddhism ,the Buddhism as we know could reach China ,Japan and Mongolia because of Hinduism ,Ashoka spent a huge part of his treasury accumulated from tax payers and his forefathers hard work as well as his military (all of whom were Vedic followers ,Buddhists during these times were all non violent sect who accumulated the followers and mooched off their donations and didn’t contribute anything else realistic to the society ,there are considerable proofs that before Ashoka’s contribution started for Buddhism they were sponsored by the converted ,many of whom would even donate all their wealth to the monasteries and turn monks ) on patronizing Buddhism ,He started building so many Buddhist stuphas for Buddhists ,He started spreading Buddhism hard core later .Later came Pshyamitra Shunga whom you Buddhists falsely claim to be the persecutor of Buddhists while he did not such thing ,his persecution was political because as we know Buddhists are leeches when the Buddhist monasteries started losing money because after Maurya dynasty these useless people weren’t favoured so they failed to realise money as before so they even decided to help the Greeks like traitors as they were ,As per well known Historian ‘H. Bhattacharya theorized that Pushyamitra had persecuted Buddhists for political, rather than religious, reasons: the politically active Buddhists supported the Indo-Greek rivals of Pushyamitra, which prompted him to persecute them’ .So don’t say India grew stronger because of Buddhists or their contribution ,Buddhism as we know today is like that abridged version of a book that cut off the negative parts to appeal to kids under 8 .One thing I don’t understand is why was Adi Shankaracharya able to persuade people to embrace Vedic religion ? The main reason is Buddhists themselves with brain washing Ashoka and interfering in Hindu practices and purposely ending animal sacrifce while opening slaughter houses for Cows that is well documented in Ashoka’s Brahmi inscription on the pillars ,I mean how bigoted could you people get ? It mainly made people angry and Shankaracharya appealed to this .If Buddhism was all goody two shoes then it should have spread greatly but no .Also if Monghols greatly fought against Islamic invasion then how did later they all turned Muslims ? Gandhara was hub of Buddhists and everyone was gone in a single blow of Islamic invasion .People have wrong perception of you Buddhists because they think you all follow Buddha’s teachings perfectly but in reality Buddhism is not different than other religions .Even Bhutan the Buddhist country was the last to end slavery in 1962 .Tibet the home to Dalai Lama was invaded and the chief of Buddhists was made to flee but he got refugee in India a Hindu majority country ,the same tolerant people who gave shelter to Zoorastrians and Jews without forcing them to convert while all that Buddhism did was brain wash a prominent person during the time and make him propagate the religion instead of caring for the kingdom .No wonder Maurya Dynasty that was built on the backbone of a Brahmin didn’t even last next 60 years when a disease called Buddhism touched it .Buddha himself was a Kshatriya from Shaiva clan and all his talks of ahimsa to nirvana is direct piracy from the 8 limbs of yoga .There wasn’t any copyright law back then so you people weren’t sued .Also Shaivism is the only cult that didn’t discriminate on the basis of castes ,even some Vaishnava Brahmins fought against Shaivism which is evident from Vishnu ,Brahma ,Bhagwat,etc all called Shiva glorifying puranas as tamas(impure) because Shiva was impartial to person or caste and didn’t oppose indulgence .There is even a story where Daksha who cursed Shiva for teaching Vedas to a shudra but it didn’t stick and later Daksha got beheaded by Shiva .There was/is no taboo on sex and neither there is any female discrimination ,this the reason why there is no Shiva temple that restricts/restricted low caste people from entering it or women from entering his sanction Santorum .Tantra tradition of Shaivism got so famous that Buddhists created their own tantra sect to fight it .Also this post is wrong ,Shaivism didn’t come after Buddhism .Even the aborigines from Andaman island worship Shiva as their ancestors and these people didn’t come to the contact of any Vedic society ever till date. I was reading the comments joyfully even after seeing the oversmartness of Buddhists but when a great person said Hinduism as we know today is mix of Jainism and Buddhism I had to give the real knowledge of our history !

        1. I really wonder if my comment will be accepted by the moderation who seem to heed for Buddhism although all I said is with historical authenticity of unbiased scholars and archaeologists .

        2. Great comment..Shaivism certainly has it’s merits.but Shakta philosophy is even better and is corroborated by scientific observations.. ShriVishwadvaitadwaita..A New Form or simply Vishwadvaita..
          👉The Universe in it’s totality as Singularity…the One🌞🌌

      3. “Buddhist soldiers crushed the opposition without any mercy” LOL laughing matter tbh.

        Buddhist King Ashoka allegedly slaughtered 18,000 Jains

        Like the development of Martial Arts by Buddhist monks ( presumably to vent their subconscious frustration at their inability to precisely emulate the Buddha )which later became glorified in Hollywood.

        Peace is the best Martial Art💜

    2. pls dun see ambedkar views what he said is not true he is not true buddhist or a sage who truthly said everything it is his own views

    3. It was also because lot of Buddhists converted to Hinduism at that time, also read about the Tibetan Buddhism who have stood well the test of times due to cionsistent persecution from Mao’s communists

  5. After emanation of Shiva from his Body, Avalokiteshvara tells Mahesvara that, during the kaliyuga, he will appear in a degenerate realm and will be called the primordial god (ādideva), the creator and author of the world. The beings in this realm at that time will be deprived of the path to awakening and the talk among those foolish common people will be: “It is said that space is his linga and the earth his pedestal. He is the ground of all and is called linga because all beings dissolve into him”. [1]

    The Shaivaite Doctrine is directly rebuked here, those who worship Shiva as the Creator deity are criticized as “foolish common people” (pṛthagjana). < unquote /\ .

    hello , shiva followers arent called as fools its the people of kali yuga in general typified as foolish *
    i detect an anti shiva bent , when clearly the people of kali yuga are such ignorant fools /\ . JC

    1. After emanation of Shiva from his Body, Avalokiteshvara tells Mahesvara that, during the kaliyuga, he will appear in a degenerate realm and will be called the primordial god (ādideva), the creator and author of the world. The beings in this realm at that time will be deprived of the path to awakening and the talk among those foolish common people will be: “It is said that space is his linga and the earth his pedestal. He is the ground of all and is called linga because all beings dissolve into him”. [1]

      To the keen observer, it will be quite obvious that this prophecy is coming true before our eyes, with (Neo)Advaita,Tantr and Hatha Yoga in all it’s Westernized variants being ALL THE RAGE ( pun intended Pashupati Rudra!😊) these days, with followers of Sri Ramana Maharshi like Eckhart Tolle infiltrating the USA through Hollywood, as well as widespread practise of Satanism/ Luciferian Doctrine/ Freemasonry /Wicca / Theosophy and Western Occult Traditions of primarily Black Magic( MSM = Mystery School Misery/Left Hand Tantra, extolling the primacy of Lucifer/Satan/ENKI/Shiva as origin of all religions, pretty much taking over the Western world, through Globalist cultural social engineering agendas by a a corrupt Satanic (🐲Luciferian/Shaivite!🔱👀) Elite, using ET/deva A.I.Technology…and all of this getting worse with each passing day!

  6. What ever it may be people!! Come on guys!….whether it is Buddhism or hindhuism it doesn’t matter! Lord shiva or Buddha or avalokateshvara…They are nothing but ourselves….We all have within ourself a fore of awareness which ultimately ends up in the primordial truth that everything is empty and we all are subject to change….With compassion grows a love which is unconditional and with that realisation we come to a conclusion that all of us are same but ignorance, pride, ego,partiality,anger and greed defiles a man and his character which makes us different from shiva or Buddha or avalokateshvara…They have seen the truth through their own ways of realisation and came to the conclusion that they are all same….A highly realised being who has almost reached to the state of Buddha hood after so many different kinds of birth as different being but they were just like us….If have the wisdom which makes us understand the true nature of universe we all are shiva and Buddha and avalokateshvara….We all are same…let’s be shiva rather than fighting over who he was..whether a Buddhist or a Hindu. ..I can say that I can become shiva if I follow the ways of truth…..emptiness…impermanence. …compassion….suffering….happiness…and ways leading to unlimited bliss and harmony. ..I am sure that is what shiva is all about….With love from BHUTAN

  7. in Hinduism are they not praying to a statue of a God??..i’m trying to i am new to a non-practising Catholic who prayed to statues..i was pleased to learn Buhdda was a real person with beautiful beleifs and instilling good ….i try to find as much as i can on Buhddism..and know i have a lot of lerning to do..but basically i try to be a good person..respect others..nature and animals..i have to yet need to learn to have patience in debates i tend to get stressed when someone always feels they are right….this was all very interesting reading..ty

  8. Buddha? Shiva? Krishna? Brahma? Allah? I was once deluded by this all things, now with my little effort and The Supreme God’s blessings I understand and I’m now able to see the truth. The only truth I can revel is its our way of perceiving the TRUTH. I know many will now read the word “The Supreme God” in context to something or someone but in reality I say “Its Empty” like Buddha told, “Its Everything” Like Krishna told. So many Sects and they say the same things but it is we who are fooling our-self. In so many blogs people are fighting without ever tasted even .000001% of the real nectar. No one try to ask questions but they assume. You should ask “When can something be called empty?” “When can something be called not empty?” It is between this line you will realize that they both said the same things but it is our misconception that is not allowing us to believe that this things are one and the same!

  9. All seems to praising their Hindu or Buddhist religions , with a few being objective . Many are quoting scriptures to out do the others and to prove they are superior.

    Face facts good people … especially my Buddhist brothers is there any real concrete proof that the scriptures you all quoted to downgrade Hinduism is real or can be proven ? Or have any of you proven it to yourselfs in your meditations or spritual practises?

    Quoting something someone who said it long ago just out of belief or the desire to make someone else smaller does no credit to anyone on both sides. It just makes one a mean parrot or donkey braying what it has heard or have been told.

    These type of arguements benefit no one, raise emotions and conflicts . It is better for each side to respect each other , and each to concentrate on our own religions . Prove to our ownselves to as a Buddhist to acheive Nirbana and as Hindu to acheive Moksha , thats eating the cake , rather than claiming whose mother makes a better one.

    When any of us have really tasted it , please come back and tell us about if any of you can! Every one is on a spritual journey , our job is to reach the Goal , not worry too much whose Donkey Cart is better or what is the best way for we Donkeys to pull the cart.

  10. the fact of the matter is that any highly perfectely spiritually evoled being will just teach the dhrama- which we can say as the laws of nature , but as time passes this dharma starts degrading in its purity and regards some names as an identity of dhamma, that is where all problem starts. just like the source of ganga in himalayas in beginning the water is very pure but as it flows in all direction and places it starts getting impure . same has happen with this so called religions viz – hindusim islam cristanity, buddhism , jainism and so forth etc. this is the reality that should be understood .

    1. Laws of Nature?!🐒

      You mean kill or her killed?
      Cooperate with each other when it suits your survival and call it altruism?
      Seems to be the True Nature of this realm..👉🌍

      Ethics and morality is how vulnerable humans and certain evolved primates shelter their tender hearts against the reality of Life and True Nature🐄🐯👹👉

  11. no comments..just respect for every religion and living soul and mother nature…be humble and compassionate to others…no religion is big or small if it cant make you a good human being…

  12. It’s JUST CURIOSITY. I do not support any religion but I just want to know what truth actually is about Hinduism and Buddhism
    Okay, for instance, let’s say Lord Shiva prostrated in front of Lord Avalokiteshvara but that just does not make sense because what I have learnt, heard and read about Shiva is that He was never born so he cannot die, he was there when nothing was there and he will be when there will be nothing, he himself is ‘TRIKAAL DARSHI’ means one who can see past and future, there is no beginning and there is no end of him EVEN VISHNU AND BRAHMA could not find that about him, he is everything and everything is Shiva and MOST IMPORTANT one is he is ENLIGHTENMENT because he is beyond time and understanding.
    So the statement above does not fit the equation what I am trying to solve. MORE contradictory part is that in the end again by Avalokiteshvara he (Shiva) described as Lord of world and tamer of men.
    I just can’t understand this please somebody send me a link about the occurrence of this whole event if it is available on the internet.
    I RESPECT BOTH RELIGION and I am not trying to show superiority of any religion over so please don’t get offended and please reply

  13. Mahan margi budhist u have true knowledge sikhism jainism and the budhism all are from single roots sanatan dharma we know very well that how Ashoka spread budhism derek ward bro u dont know anything bro u have gathered wrong information from somewhere so please i advice u to change ur source of information.

    1. No it Isn’t .there are Black brahmins and fair skinned Shudras.Caste was flexible until the Mughal period.also Lord Buddha himself extolled his own Caste;he said all buddhas and bodhisattvas are from Brahmin and Ksathriya only…..He said all previous samyaksambuddhas on this planet were Brahmins.He said that ksatriyas are the noblest of castes.He said also that Brahmin Rishis were Men of great attainment.also;he even said that all true brahmin and ksatriya are Fair skinned in the nikayas…I can quote other colourist statements in the pali canon but I respect lord buddha too much to embaress him and the neo-buddhists by quoting these passages where he pokes fun at other peoples (particularly a black skinend Brahmin that called the shakyas as the most savage of peoples;so he got angry and called him racist epithets according to the pali canon)colour calling them bad names.

      I dont believe he ever said any of that;but its in your texts.Pali Canon slanders Lord buddha in many ways;even making him out to be a mysogynist.Theravadans are truly Demons.

  14. I am born a buddhist but i would like to say now a seeker of truth. As i understand all Buddhism / Hinduism / Jainism revolves around connecting with reality and turning inward which has nothing to do with ideas, concepts and religion. I kindly ask all to avoid saying things like “this is right /that is wrong/ you are right / they are wrong” kind of words since we all speak from what we have been taught to believe and far away from the actual truth and reality. Forgive me if anything i say above would hurt anyones feelings. May all realise eternal bliss and happiness.

  15. “Countless numbers of candles can be lit from a solitary candle, and the daily life of the candle will not be shortened. Contentment by no means decreases by becoming shared.” The BuddhaCandles are an age old traditional element of Buddhist rituals. In conjunction with incense and flowers, they are placed in entrance of Buddhist shrines or statues and images of the Buddha as a mark of regard. They are usually accompanied by offerings of food and drink. The gentle of the burning candle flame signifies the light-weight of the Buddha’s teachings. Candles and incense also evoke the condition of impermanence and modify.Their light-weight can also be said to symbolize the enlightenment of the Buddha.Thailand Buddhist Candle Festival”Just as a candle can’t burn up with out hearth, men are not able to live with out a non secular existence.” The BuddhaBuddhist Lent Day in Thailand, an overwhelmingly Buddhist place is in July every single 12 months and is mostly practiced by recognized monks. The day just before the commence of Lent, the Candle Festival is celebrated by Thai individuals. This Festival is celebrated proper throughout the region, but the most specifically celebrations take spot in Ubon Rachathani north-eastern Thailand (Isaan).In accordance to custom, Buddhist Lent Working day commenced as a consequence of villagers complaining to the Buddha. It is said that a team of ordained monks ended up producing advantage (tamboon) and had walked by means of moist rice fields. At this time the rice fields had been at the peak of their development and by going for walks in them they experienced ruined the crop. As a consequence the legend has it that the Buddha told all monks to follow creating merit although only staying inside the confines of their temples. Presently Buddhist Lent stipulates that all monks should stay confined to their temples for a period of time of 3 months in the course of the rainy period, beginning on the very first day of the eighth waning moon.Thai people offer a assortment of basic items to their monks and this supplying also involves candles and this of training course includes the renowned Candle Festival. In preceding moments most temples experienced no electrical energy and so candles experienced an crucial symbolic importance for ceremonies but also more pretty much for illumination in day-to-day use. In addition they are explained to signify wisdom as divine gentle during the Candle Competition the Buddhist laity follow their beliefs by providing huge and frequently extravagantly adorned candles to the monks.Candle Competition Celebrations: “There are two ways of spreading gentle: to be the candle or the mirror that displays it.” Edith WhartonOn the day ahead of Lent, large groups of individuals obtain with their superbly adorned candles and march with them on elaborate and lovely parades. The rich, luxuriously sculpted decorations on these beautiful works of art portray willpower, unity, and the beliefs of that community. The candle parade procession includes the broadest cross segment of the neighborhood all in their very best clothes. In Ubon Ratchathani this also consists of many teams of neighborhood Isaan performers, musicians and dancers who accompany the candles as they make their way by means of the city. There is also a common elegance contest to pick Miss out on Candle (who is regarded as the most stunning girl of that community).Throughout the nation, there are celebrations of the Candle Pageant. No matter what the temperature in Thailand the individuals have fun and expressing their faith on July eight, the commencing of Buddhist lent.”How considerably that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” William ShakespeareCandle MeditationSit a silent tranquil room and light-weight a candle. It could be of any colour but some prefer a blue or a white one. Now stare deep into the burning flame of the candle and target on it. Do not enable your vision of the candle flame grow to be blurred. As you stare at the burning flame your mind will grow to be stuffed with the sound of everyday pondering, concerns and trivial considerations. These must just start to drift away and soon after a short whilst, you may begin to obtain photographs and thoughts that never seem to be to appear from you. Just take these as your religious guides and try out to interpret them.Keep staring at the burning flame do not be distracted and consider to interpret the visions you are acquiring. One typical instance is that of ‘seeing’ a peeled onion. At initial this may possibly look senseless but in this illustration it could signify that as you travel additional together on your life’s path, the layers are getting peeled absent allowing you to see and knowledge the supreme main of you existence.As you development further with your candle meditation try out to understand to trust your own examination and knowing of these feelings that the candle brings to your mind. This kind of meditation thus functions as a potent way of concentrating your focus.Consider to build up your encounter of candle meditation from five minutes a working day to 20 minutes and do this above numerous months. Your eyes will need to have to adapt to the dim light-weight and more than time, you will be ready distinguish amongst which feelings are your very own and which can act as your non secular guides.”Much better to gentle a candle than curse the darkness” Chinese proverb”As a white candle in a holy location, So is the elegance of an aged encounter” Joseph CampbellWhere is the World’s Biggest Candle?”We say God and the imagination are one… How large that greatest candle lights the dark.” Wallace StevensDigressing somewhat from the use of Candles in Buddhism in my study I diverted to see what human creativeness could provide to the planet of candles – this is what I located.”A excellent teacher is like a candle – it consumes alone to mild the way for other people.” AnonThere are many contenders and a lengthy heritage of the look for for the world’s greatest candle. The 1st contender for the world’s largest candle is the United states – the Heat Glow Candle Outlet in Centreville, Indiana in which they declare to have the world’s most significant candle. However At the Stockholm Exhibition of 1897 what has been described as the world’s largest candle on record went on screen. This enormous candle is explained to have been eighty feet high and measuring eight and a fifty percent ft in diameter.The long established company of Ajello Candles is another contender for the historic title of the world’s biggest candle. In 1921 it developed the Enrico Caruso Memorial Candle.This candle calculated five ft in circumference and tapered at the top to eighteen inches. This candle stood an remarkable eighteen feet tall and once the candle was burning the business claimed it could proceed for 1800 years, burning 1 working day every single year on the anniversary of Enrico Caruso’s dying.In 2005 in Jerusalem they produced the world’s premier Hannukha candle. This enormous candle was above eight and a fifty percent metres in height and 85cm wide. It was located in the Pisga shopping mall in the city. These are just some illustrations of what claim to be or ended up the world’s biggest candles.”Nirvana is not the blowing out of the candle. It is the extinguishing of the candle’s flame since day is come.” Rabindranath Tago

  16. I think we are not yet qualified enough to discuss all these topics , all we can do is respect eachother ,and practice what you believe do not waste your time and energy to prove wrong to anyone. Widen your heart fill it with compassion we all livibg beings are same ,our structural shapes and sizes might differ but within us there is common energy. So, just free yourselve from these kind of illusion and practice dharma be kindful , tolerent and respectful.
    Thank you,

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