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It has been a long time since I wrote anything on the blog about Television. So, let’s rewind to 1995 around 18 years back, while I was doing my 4th grade, during the grand old days of Doordarshan. Doordarshan then had two channels DD National & DD Metro. DD National usually had the boring programmes in Hindi while DD Metro broadcasted foreign TV shows and cartoons in English alongside Hindi/Local programming. Seriously, even in those days Doordarshan seems to have had enough senses to broadcast syndicated overseas programmes in India. Somehow, DD got degraded beyond redemption over the time. 


So, yeah back to the point. At that time, they used to air this series called “Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad“. IIRC it used to air on Thursdays around 4:30 PM. It is one of my all time favourites. Computers were kinda rare in India those days (I got a PC in 1999) and were a bit of an enigma. At that time even in School, I remember we were just allowed to see computer from a distance and not operate. Perhaps, they thought Computers were too much for 4th graders! It was the through the series, I had come across the terms “Digital” & “Cyber” for the first time ever.


The short story is this (for the longer vesion there is always Wikipedia !) – There is this high school guy Sam Collins who along with his friends enters the digital world and fights viruses (who appear as monsters in the digital world). Sam takes the form of a cyber avatar named “Servo”, while his three friends operate various armor vehicles in the digital world. Together they form the “Super Human Samurai Syber Squad“. Their arch-nemisis is Malcolm, who assits an evil program called Kilokahn to create viruses and wreak havoc in the world. Each time Malcom and Kilokahn unleash a virus, Sam & his team enter the digital world, destroy the virus and save the world . It was the digital fiction of those days. People traveling into computers, lots of gadgedry, computer talk, fighting etc made the show more attractive.


It was also very comical. I recollect one specific episode – Sam and his friends have a hard test and school. Unable to cope up, one of his friends starts eating the notes as a shortcut 😛 which the others watch in horror. Towards the end of the episode, when they discuss something among themselves, he sharply recollects the corresponding questions for all of them 🙂 To sum up, it had all the necessary elements to attract a 7 year old. (OK. As a 24 year old guy I still like the series, watch the episodes online now and then 🙂 )


It was a very nice series. I used to wait every week to watch the series. Somehow, a school going kid entering a computer, assuming a different form, fighting and saving the day seemed all the more good.  I always used to imagine myself as Servo ! Hmmmm.. Those days would never return :-/


Apart from the action packed story, Sam also had this cool girlfriend “Jennifer“. As it was an American show, it kinda gave a glimpse of an American school life. People never wore uniforms, you could call the teachers by name, people never carried huge backpacks and heck they even got their own locker ! It was quite a stark contrast to the Indian schooling I was having at that time. I kinda hated all my school life, it was such a horrible hell. Indian schooling sucks big time. I was fantasizing going to a Sschool like the one potrayed in the series and heck even have a girlfriend 🙂 [Don’t ask what a 7 year old would do with a GF, it took me another 7 years to realize that 😀 ]. I just wanted to go to this cool school and have this cool girl friend like Sam Collins. But what the heck, it never happened. [ The worst part, even after knowing what to do with a GF.. I was/am still single :-/. Now that’s 18 years of wanting a GF but being single. Life sometimes is very pathetic ! ]


For all my 14 years, I had a very miserable schooling. I had go to a School where people never understood me. I never did my homework. To clarify, homework in an Indian context implies copying something printed in the Textbook back into some notebook verbatim. I never thought it was a productive activity. It was just a huge waste of time. As a result, I had to bear corporal punishments often on a weekly basis just because of this upto high school ! Indian education system is very much dumb. Thinking back – my school life was just one big horror that I had to bear (again until high school. Things were a bit easy from then ) 


So whatever, at least at that time, it felt good to fantasize an alternative reality where I thought it would be more fun. It is that which attract people to fiction – an escape from the reality surrounding us. If a 7 year old kid could fantasize things to escape a tormented reality, I assume as adults we need more escape (other than alcohol 🙂 ). 


I know its turning into a huge rant (heck.. its my blog 😛 ). 



Whenever I see the series, it brings back old memories. It seems as if most of the memories of my childhood are those of TV shows, which is kinda sad but true. The only escape for all the dull reality that surrounded me was TV fiction. I perhaps thought, considering myself as an Anime character in an alternative world, was probably a good way cope up. Heck.. How else could you cope with a reality where you had go to a school just to get physically hurt. As I would say, Indian schooling system is a complete nonsense.


For the most of my Childhood, I just vividly remember the fictional shows (even now I can recollect watching the first episode of this series, in front of a disassembled 14 inch black and white TV in 1995 🙂 ). Perhaps, those were the best parts of the life :-), just thinking you were someone else in a different world :). The real part I just try to skip over, there is no point recollecting them. The bad parts – probably they are to exist only as hazy recollections (else I would be an amnesiac 😀 ). College & Workplace I have lots of good memories of real people in real situations. But somehow, all my childhood memories are tied to some Anime series :-/. It appears as if my real life started from College. Again, its crazy to think how much a TV show can bring into your mind !


Yeah. So I fantasized myself as Sam Collins attending a nice cool school with a cool girlfriend. I probably knew nothing it would ever come true. I suppose its still a good coping mechanism for a 7 year old kid. Whenever I watch the series, I just feel like going to my 7 year old self who fantasized an alternate identity as Sam/Servo. It felt good then and it still feels good 🙂


All said, even without all my personal crap tied, it is still a very nice series. The entire series is available online (with some googling around), catching an episode or two is completely worthwhile !

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  1. i really like this show…My all time favourite show in childhood days.Miss them deeply from my bottom of my heart.

  2. I think you got the timing wrong. It was 4 PM and not 4:30 PM. Can you verify? I know for sure it was 4 PM but again can’t trust our memory 100%.


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