Adinatha Tamil Brahmi Font

Adinatha is a working Unicode Tamil Brahmi font. Named after Adinatha, the first Tirthankara of Jains, in honour of the Jains having introduced Brahmi to the Tamil region, this font will hopefully help in properly digitizing old Tamil writing in the Brahmi script. Adinatha Tirthankara is traditionally attributed for the creation of the first (Indian) writing system.

Adinatha is released free of charge and under a free licence (the Open Font Licence) so as to encourage its usage among academics and other interested parties, and to thereby encourage more people to be interested in epigraphy and digitization. Adinatha is based on the existing Brahmi encoding and largely draws upon Dr Iravatham Mahadevan’s Early Tamil Epigraphy for the shapes of the glyphs.


Tamil Brahmi epigraph


Digitized version of the epigraph using Adinatha Tamil Brahmi font

The font contains both OpenType & Graphite table and hence properly renders in a wide variety of systems. The font package also includes an AAT version for compatability with OS X applications that do not support OpenType. This font project is combined effort of myself, Shriramana Sharma & Udhaya Sankar.

You can download the font package here. The font manual can be read from here.