unicode-logoI’ve been an individual member of the Unicode consortium since 2012. I’ve been directly and indirectly involved in encoding several Indic scripts & characters in the Universal Character Set (UCS). I am particularly interested in the encoding of minority scripts & characters and also supporting minority & historical orthographies in Unicode.

Below are the documents that I have submitted to the registry of the Unicode Technical Committee.

  1. L2/10-263 : Comments on Grantha OM
  2. L2/10-425 : Comments on L2/10-256R & L2/10-363
  3. L2/11-049 : On the Telugu nakaara-pollu
  4. L2/12-015 : Proposal to encode 0C34 TELUGU LETTER LLLA (WG2 N4214)
  5. L2/12-016 : Proposal to encode 0C5A TELUGU LETTER RRRA (WG2 N4215)
  6. L2/12-221 : Comments on naming the “Siddham” encoding (WG2 N4506)
  7. L2/12-233 : Comments on encoding “duplicate” Indic characters
  8. L2/13-066 : Proposal to encode Gujarati Sign Triple Nukta
  9. L2/13-143 : Proposal to encode Gujarati Letter ZHA (WG2 N4473)
  10. L2/14-153 : Proposal to encode Kannada Sign Spacing Candrabindu (WG2 N4591)
  11. L2/14-163 : Proposal to encode Saurashtra Sign Candrabindu (WG2 N4590)
  12. L2/15-127 : Conjunct Consonants with Independent Vowels in Kannada Script
  13. L2/16-090 : Comments on three control characters for Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  14. L2/17-106 : Proposal to Encode Lao Characters for Pali
  15. L2/17-106R : Revised Proposal to Encode Lao Characters for Pali (WG2 N4861)